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International Soccer Academy is now known as Villarreal Alberta Academy.  In April 2022, we became an official partner of Villarreal CF.  This is a great advantage for all of our academy members as it creates a direct pathway to having a professional career in soccer.  

Villarreal Alberta Academy, previously known as International Soccer Academy has partnered up with Villarreal Club de Futbol, S.A.D.

Villarreal CF is a professional football club based in Castellon, in eastern Spain that plays in La Liga, ranked 7th out of 20 in 2021/2022.  They played in the 2022 UEFA Champions League making it all the way to the Semi-Finals.  This every growing professional club has created an Academy in Spain called Villarreal Academy. 

Since 2018, they started partnering up with academies around the world to partner with, creating a vision to train players to eventually bring them to the professional teams of Villarreal CF.  

We are extremely honoured and grateful to have been selected as one of the clubs they wanted to partner with.  The focus we have always had is one to create a pathway for our soccer players to give them opportunities in soccer; whether that be a scholarship, creating soccer careers or creating professional soccer players.  With Villarreal CF,  that direct pathway has now been created to be able to give those opportunities and we are proud to be able to do this for the first time ever in Alberta.

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