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International Soccer Academy - 2010 / 2011 Girls Tryout

ISA is hosting a 2010 Girl's Try Outs to form a team to participate in international tournaments around the world. All CLUB members are welcome to attend try outs from any club!! Because we are an academy, you will continue training with your current club as you normally would but will also train with ISA during the camp sessions as additional training.

Coach Jorge Rodriguez and coach Jorgie Rodriguez will select 14 players to make the ISA 2010 Girls team. The team will be selected the same day and will be announced by email. Please note: if you do not attend the try outs, you will unfortunately not be able to make this team at a later date.

Selection will be based on perceived readiness of the players at the current stage of development. Those selected to make the team will start training with International Soccer Academy to prepare for our next tournament (will be announced after team is selected). Successful players will be expected to enroll in the ISA Girls Soccer Training camps.

ISA will be taking an ongoing approach to international opportunities for players who demonstrate readiness for international competitions. If players are not offered a spot on this roster, please do not be discouraged as we will have other opportunities in the future.

Those that will not be selected will be offered to continue training with ISA to further their development and potentially make future teams travelling abroad. The next camp offered to everyone (not just the team selected) will be Spring 2020. Registration will be open before the new year. Space is limited so please keep checking back to secure your spots!!

If you have questions about this exciting opportunity please don't hesitate to reach out

Click on the button below to take you to the registration form:

2010 Girls Try out - registration form

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Congratulations Joshua Schirmaier from International Soccer Academy!!!!!

We would like to give a huge congratulations to one of our own Joshua Schirmaier!!! Joshua has been signed for Germany’s professional team Spvgg Bayreuth U19 A-Junioren BFV - Bayern Landesliga Nord.

Joshua Schirmaier with Jorge Rodriguez

Training with Jorge Rodríguez since Joshua was 6 years old this is definitely a supper proud coach moment!!! For one year Joshua trained one on one with Jorge working on all his strength and weaknesses before going to try out for the Professional team in Germany. All the hard work has really paid off!!!

Congratulations Jorgie Rodriguez on becoming the new 

Technical Director for KC Trojans

Philosophy on Developing players

Focusing on biomechanics, technical skills & game sense will further the development of every player willing to learn. With Motivation, discipline, and the right resources, I strongly believe every player will successfully improve their soccer careers. Being mentored by my father Jorge Rodriguez, he has taught me to care for every player you coach and stay true in your process of coaching in order to make an impact on their player development. As players grow older and face the real world, translating lessons learned on the field into useful life experience for handling both life's successes and failures is the most valuable training of all.

Impact Soccer has had in my life: 

Soccer has had a significant impact in my life at a young age. Leaving at the age of 11 to Chile to purse my soccer career, Ive learnt that there is much more to soccer then just a game. Over the years, Ive taken my experiences on the field to my everyday life, and its shaped me to become the person I am today. Now, it is my responsibility and duty to give back all my teachings and experiences back to the players I coach. 

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